Saturday, February 2, 2013

Carter Brown Covers

Hot covers helped drive 70,000,000 book sales

When I was barely a teenager I found the Carter Brown books in drug stores all over my town. The covers were perfect fantasy fodder for horny adolescent kids who had no idea what sex was about.

And then the mysteries were fast paced, if somewhat conventional -- but good enough for kids and old men who were to discriminating.

But the covers ...

One of the early ones, available only in Australia and England

The amazing prolific horny Robert McGinnis covers drove American males wild!

Another Aussie cover, but this may be one of the very first! So amateurish! Why did the artist make this woman CROSS-EYED?

By the 1980s, when Carter Brown was beginning to wear thin and run out of steam, the covers went for  big-boobed photographs.

This photo treatment was also used in the 1970s for Mickey Spillane reprints.

My copy of the Carter Brown autobiography, Ready When You Are C.B.!, is now up for sale. It was hard to find when I bought it. A fast fun read. Carter Brown was the pen name for Alan Geoffrey Yates (1 August 1923 - 5 May 1985. A Brit who moved to Australia after WWII.

Want to buy it?

Carter Brown Ebay listing

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